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Becoming YOUR Brand

Becoming your brand takes a few key steps in order to thrive and keep a consistent message. These steps are necessary and will help give YOU as the business owner a clear cut vision of how to market yourself. Branding helps customers relate, trust and understand your business. Below are some steps you can take […]

The Consistency Dilemma

Do you ever feel inspired and motivated about marketing your business, but 30 days later in a consistency drought? In this article, we want to provide you with tips to take in consideration when it comes to your social media and other marketing techniques. Here’s How To Improve Your Marketing Consistency Maintain a posting schedule. […]

Popular Hashtags for January 2018

When planning your social media editorial calendar, don’t miss out on the opportunity to use popular hashtags for January.  Joining in trending conversations will not only help your business get noticed, but it also helps with content for your social media channels! This is where you can put your creative caps on, and think of […]

The Emoji Revolution

Emojis have quickly become the new way to communicate in our society today. Just think about the last social media post or text message that you personally sent that did NOT have an emoji included. With new emojis emerging every year, this new “language” has revolutionized the way we interact. Originating from Japan in the […]