Becoming YOUR Brand

Becoming YOUR Brand

Becoming your brand takes a few key steps in order to thrive and keep a consistent message. These steps are necessary and will help give YOU as the business owner a clear cut vision of how to market yourself. Branding helps customers relate, trust and understand your business. Below are some steps you can take NOW to get your business branded. If you find yourself lost, head to the LUXE branding to help!

How To Get Branded

  1. Colors, themes and fonts: This is important! A constant look throughout the website and on social media helps with branding.
  2. Hashtags and Creative Content: This is where you can add custom hashtags and add some personality to your copy. It is ok to add these things to your posts, its relatable and helps your fans get to know YOU quicker.
  3. Logos and Watermarks: Your business logo should be displayed across ALL social platforms for good business branding. If you have work that could be shared, a faint watermark is always a good idea.
  4. Tagline: What is your company’s mission? What do you stand for? Who are your customers and clients? What problem are you solving for them? What qualities do you want to show your audience you have? This should be a cohesive feel throughout your social media and website. Creatively fit this into a sentence. 🙂

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