Demographics for Social Media Channels.. Who Is Your Niche?

Demographics for Social Media Channels.. Who Is Your Niche?

We always tell our clients that handle their own Social Media, pick 1 channel and get really good at it before you expand into another one. What if you are on the wrong profile based upon your niche? In this article, we want to share some stats about some of the top Social Media profiles, their demographics and what they are used for.


Facebook currently has 1.55 billion monthly active users worldwide. It continues to reign #1 year after year. The most active users are between the ages of 25-50 in which over 65% of them are women. The purpose of Facebook is to build relationships. Key elements to put into a Social Media strategy for Facebook are; building a brand identity, create customer/fan loyalty, create high converting opt-ins and to share video.


Instagram currently has about 400 million monthly active users. Instagram is one of the fastest growing platforms. Its main age demographic is between 18-35. Instagram is best used for building relationships and conversation. Some of the business categories that really shine on Instagram are; beauty businesses, art, fashion, food and retail.


Twitter currently has 320 million monthly active users. Over 80% of Twitter’s users are mobile and about half of that percentage check Twitter multiple times a day. Twitter’s audience is slightly more women at 51%. The age demographic for Twitter users are between 18-29.


Now this app is growing daily. Currently, with 200 million active monthly users, Snapchat has quickly surpassed Pinterest and LinkedIn! If you have a business that wants to interact with the millennial generation, this channel would be it. Snapchat is beloved among the teen age more than Facebook.


LinkedIn is by far the best Business to Business (B2B) platform there is. Professionals alike gather on LinkedIn to connect not necessarily on a “social” level, but on a business level. The age demographic for LinkedIn users are between 30-49.

Now that you have seen some of the top social media channels, do you feel like you have more clarity on where to spend your time and efforts? Of course if Social Media seems overwhelming, contact us and we will help launch your business online!

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