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5 Ways to do Social Media over the Holidays

The holidays are officially around the corner which means social media for your business needs to be on point! When it comes to a great holiday marketing plan, there are key strategies to put in place for the biggest return. Did you know that the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is the BIGGEST period of online sales? Everyone is competing for online space so what will make YOU stand out from the crowd? Here are 5 ways to do social media over the holidays.

  1. Bring out the visuals.

Everything you do on social media needs to be high-quality and visually appealing. Some ideas are, show some office decorations and holiday fun! ’Tis the season for corporate holiday parties and events so take pictures, tag your friends, tag your location and add some creative text. If you are selling a holiday product collection, take a video or picture of how to use it, how it’s made or how it’s aesthetically packaged. Think outside the box here!

2. Share a story.

’Tis the season for thankfulness and giving back. Share a heartwarming story that will get clients into the holiday spirit, and encourage them to join the experience. You can story-tell via a blog, an interview feature, a series of images or even a brief caption.

3. Be aware of trending dates.

Join in the hashtag calendar of events and engage in the conversation. For example, Thanksgiving day or #thanksgivingday is a trending hashtag on November 28th. Ways to get creative with this day is to share a special, recipe, charity event or create a poll of what your fans are making for their family dinners! Create engagement and brand awareness by incorporating the hashtag with your fans!

4. Show off your holiday spirit on social media.

Connect with your audience by showing that you, or your brand, are just as in tune with the holidays as they are. You’ll get an audience that relates to you and is more apt to engage with this kind of content!

5. Do a giveaway.

Everyone loves a good giveaway, especially around this time of year when people are buying gifts for their loved ones! Think: What do you want to accomplish by having a giveaway? Are you looking for a brand ambassador, to raise brand awareness or to grow an email list? Think about these things when determining what you’ll give away and how you’ll set up the parameters.

We hope these 5 tips have helped you create a great social media plan over the holidays. Contact us if you need help creating the right holiday marketing plan. It’s not too late! [email protected].