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Harness the power of social media marketing.

Having a skilled Social Media manager is a crucial part of any business. At Luxe, we help create unique marketing plans that are tailored to your business. We strive to represent YOUR brand online and use the power of social media to reach your goals. We quickly become a part of your team so you get a personalized experience.


Having your own social media manager has some huge perks. 

Constant Changes

The social media landscape is always changing. Changes are inevitable, but when they occur, I am on it and can go back to the drawing board with you to make any necessary changes to your campaign, objectives, and content to provide continued success in regards to your goals.

Strategy Is Crucial

A social media plan is developed and tailored specifically to your needs and requires me to work with others who are executing any other marketing campaigns on your brand’s behalf. This maintains the synergy of all marketing, providing you with better leads, engagement, and results.

Reporting and Tracking

As a social media manager, I check your campaigns regularly. Any underperforming ads gets turned off allowing me to optimize the campaigns to ensure your money isn’t wasted and your goals are being met. All of this monitoring provides tremendous value. Your reports provide documentation of all that was done and are may be used to compare previous campaigns.



Choose from our packages below or contact us for a custom quote.

Gold Plan

Basic Plan
  • 2 Social Media Profiles
  • Up to 2 posts per week
  • Monthly Strategic Consulting
  • Photo Content Provided
  • Strategic Marketing Plan
  • ---
  • ---
  • ---

Sapphire Plan

Mid-Grade Plan
  • Everything in Gold Plan
  • 3 Social Media profiles
  • Up to 4 posts per week
  • Engagement
  • Reputation Management
  • Community Integration
  • Boosts and Promotions
  • ---

Platinum Plan

  • Everything in Sapphire Plan
  • 4+ Social Media profiles
  • 5+ posts per week
  • Reel Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Audience Building
  • Online Customer Service
  • Graphic Design
  • Targeted Ad Campaigns
  • Optimization and SEO

Add-On Services

Add To Any Package
  • Basic Profile & Tech Set Up
  • Ad Campaigns
  • Roadmap & Strategy Consultations
  • Drone Services
  • Email Campaigns
  • Blog Content


Your Personal Social Media Marketing Manager Is Standing by.

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