Avoid These Social Media Mistakes In Your MLM Business

Avoid These Social Media Mistakes In Your MLM Business

Social Media is a must for network marketing business owners.  However the majority of mlm representatives are using it incorrectly.  Before we get into how to avoid some common mistakes, it is important to know and understand the social media guidelines of your company.  Not all network marketing businesses are built the same, but the idea of how to promote them using the online platforms are.  That being said, lets dive in!

Avoid these social media mistakes in mlm

  • Not staying consistent – Have you set goals to post on social media more but haven’t been able to keep up with it?  Stay consistent with social media, just as you stay consistent with your daily activities.  This will keep your business continually moving forward.
  • Spending time posting on all platforms – At Luxe Media Marketing we say, “Pick one platform and get great at it”. This alleviates the pressure, and the possibility of spreading your marketing efforts too thin.
  • Only focused on selling – Social Media is not just for sharing your products/services, but it is also a platform to create curiosity.  For example if you sell a weight loss product, show before and after pictures.  If you have a skincare product show before and after pictures of your client’s skin.  This creates curiosity and shows the results of your product.
  • Post and forget – Ahhh… the dreaded post and forget strategy.  🙂  Engage with your online audience!  You wouldn’t throw a party and ignore your guests would you?!!
  • Not sharing any value – A few ways to provide value are to offer advice in your area of expertise.  Share something funny and relevant to your brand (why do you think the use of memes skyrocketed!) Share a behind the scenes look or something personal about your company/brand.  Not showcasing your value is one of the biggest social media mistakes.
  • Focused only on what you get – This is one of the biggest no no’s when it comes to mlm representatives.  If you are too focused on hitting that rank or financial goal, your customers will sense that.  Same goes for online marketing. Clients need to feel that you genuinely care about helping them, and your marketing should reflect that.
  • Inviting friends and family to groups without asking first – This strategy is pushy.  Create a post to INVITE friends and family to your group or business page and include the link to direct them there.  Do not just add people. Always ask first!

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