How To Create A Compelling Blog Post

How To Create A Compelling Blog Post

blog-postHaving a blog feature on your website can really help promote your business. I have worked with many clients to not only help add this feature to their current site, but I write blogs for them as well. I have seen blogs that are oh so boring to read and those that quickly get shared online. I wanted to put this post together to give some tips to put into place to write a compelling blog post each time! It really is key to understand and know what you are doing before you publish.


Content is key. Here are some questions to ask yourself before you start creating the post. What do I want to share? What problem can I solve? How can I incorporate my product/service? These are some key elements in creating a post. Having the right content that matches your niche is key. If you are a coach you could write something like, ‘How to Overcome Objections.’ This is a topic that people will be searching for and will be more compelled to read.

Offer incredible value. Nowadays you can literally find anything you want or need through the internet. How do you stand out from the crowd? Offer incredible value. This means that your blog needs to be the hub for all things knowledge. When you write content that solves a problem, people will share it!

Add high quality images. Man I can’t stress this one enough! Adding high quality images to your blog posts make such a big difference. Have you ever tried to read a blog and it was so boring and not even fun to look at? There are a ton of SEO benefits to adding images with text overlays, descriptions in the image (I won’t get too techy here) that will help your website get noticed.

Change up your title game. Writing about the same topic over and over is NOT a good strategy. Change it up! If you are pushing your business opportunity with each post, you will loose your audience. Get creative, have FUN!

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