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3 steps to convert a visitor into a customer

Why is web design important in the conversion rate factor? There are a few key elements to look at when converting visitors into clients from your website. Here at Luxe Media Marketing, we have a process that starts with social media marketing and ends with a visitor taking action. Ultimately that is the goal right?! One of the first key elements we look at is the website. Ask yourself these questions..

  • Is my website clear on what I do?
  • Does my website clearly state HOW to work with me?
  • Are my products and services explained in detail?
  • Is there a compelling call to action?
  • Are there testimonials and proof?
  • Are there strong, high quality images to support?

If you answered yes to each of these questions, congrats! You can now move to the next part of conversion process. If you think you still need some help here, contact us and we can help!

3 steps to convert a visitor into a customer

  1. Using social media to drive traffic. Social media is the start of the funnel to attract and promote. Use compelling content and give value to gain trust and increase engagement. Place a call to action by adding a direct link to your website.
  2. Guide visitors to take action. Your social media follower is now on your website! What information/service did you direct them to? This is where it’s key for your website to state clearly what you do, how you will solve their problem and how to take action to buy.
  3. Conversion. Motivate your visitors to book an appointment, call, sign up for email blast, purchase online etc.

Taking care of your new conversion

Now that your visitor took action on your website what do you do? If the goal was to gain email subscribers, it’s a no brainer to make sure they are taken care of via email. The goal through the email blasts are to convert into a paying customer. That is where you will gain further trust. If the goal in the conversion strategy was to call to book an appointment, call to confirm the booking. Acknowledge that they took action and you are looking forward to their appointment. So often business owners neglect this very important piece.

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