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Build a social media marketing funnel that works

A social media marketing funnel is the pathway to where your customers/clients are and where you want them to go. In order to create this pathway, you need a clear marketing strategy. Think of this funnel as the process of converting a stranger into a buyer – from discovering your brand, understanding the value and ultimately purchasing your products/services.

When building your social media marketing funnel, think about the process from the customer’s perspective. Buffer has a simple diagram that explains the process. First, the person discovers your brand. Next, the person likes your facebook page. Then, they take action by joining your email list or buying your product. Finally, they share their experience or your products to their personal audience and become loyal to your brand.

social media marketing funnel

How to create a social media marketing funnel

Where does social media marketing fit in? Here are a few questions to ask yourself and how to create the right funnel that fits your unique business.

  1. How do I help the right customers find me?
  2. What information can I provide that will help them move from one stage to the next?
  3. Which stage is the potential client in?
  4. How can I help transition them to buyer and loyal customer?

Staying consistent with social media marketing helps potential clients see and interact with your brand. This way, trust is built and it helps move them along the funnel process into a buying customer. This process is then done on repeat. Find what works and stick to it. Re-inventing the wheel will confuse your audience and ultimately mess up the funnel flow. The way that the funnel will work is to drive massive amounts of people to the awareness or the top of the funnel.

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