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How To Find Your Niche Through Social Media

When using Social Media to find your niche there are a few questions to first ask yourself as well as a new strategies. This article will help you get clear on where to start. Do you go all out and create a marketing strategy for ALL platforms? Do you just pick one platform and grow that first? These are very valid questions, but don’t worry, we’ll help you decide!

The go big or go home strategy

There are great benefits to using all social platforms to promote your business. Some prefer one social platform over another so the likelihood of showing up in their feed is high. This will also help you establish where your niche is based upon the analytic reports. You can keep track of the traffic, engagement and reach on all the channels to compare them. From there, you can tell which platform has outperformed another and where to spend most of your time. This strategy works well for big businesses as they tend to have larger teams, higher budgets and who can outsource to a social media expert to manage all the accounts.

The focus on one platform strategy

Pick one social media channel and grow that platform before moving to the next. This strategy is easier to focus and grow followers and engagement which ultimately help your brand. This strategy is not overwhelming as it’s a very targeted approach. This also helps a small business stay consistent.

Where is your niche on social media

Next is understanding where your niche actually hangs out. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to find out:

  1. Is my audience male or female?
  2. What are the age ranges of my customers?
  3. Are they likely to be married or have children?
  4. What kind of purchasing power do they have?
  5. What values to they tend to possess?

Next, is think about your business, is it a image driven business? Meaning, can you say a lot with just one photo? For example, this is construction/remodeling companies, hair stylist, makeup artists etc. These are image driven businesses. This will help you narrow down a platform and add the right text or keywords to draw your niche to you.

Still feel like you need extra help? Contact LUXE here and request a consultation and let us help you find your niche through social media!