instagram reels

Instagram’s answer to the popular platform TikTok = Reels. What if we told you, you can edit 15 second videos using Instagram Reels. Like TikTok, you can add effects and music to your reel or use your own audio. You can share with your followers on Feed, and, if you have a public account, make […]

The conversion rate factor

Why is web design important in the conversion rate factor? There are a few key elements to look at when converting visitors into clients from your website. Here at Luxe Media Marketing, we have a process that starts with social media marketing and ends with a visitor taking action. Ultimately that is the goal right?! […]

The covid business lift

We all know that the shutdown has dramatically impacted businesses all over the world. As the country starts the phases of re-opening, businesses NEED to have an action plan of prospecting, scheduling and selling products/services. There is a catch though! Businesses owners are having to think outside the box in a new way of promoting. […]